Disc'n Dots Configurator

Simple. Acoustic. Modular.

Rossoacoustic Disc’n Dots is a modular acoustics system available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes that transforms conference rooms, meeting points and offices into pleasant sound zones.

The "Disc" is the basic acoustic element. The acoustically effective fleece is available in grey or white and ensures optimal sound absorption.

The "Dot" is used for simple fastening to the wall or ceiling and introduces exciting colour highlights. Together they create a pleasant acoustic atmosphere in your rooms as well as an enhanced feeling of well-being.

Soft core. The special open-weave fleece contains numerous
small pockets in which unwanted sound reflections can exhaust their entire energy.

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4 beautiful designs. The square and rectangular Disc elements are perfectly suited to clear-cut, geometric layouts, whereas the round and oval disc elements lend themselves to a more vibrant, less formal and more playful room design.


Combinations, combinations ... The different colours play a major role in the design concept. Matched to the acoustically effective Discs in discreet white or mottled grey, the Dots feature warm Rossoacoustic colour shades inspired by nature: Vineyard, Soft moss, Yellow field, Far mountain, Nightfall, Grey dawn as well as classic White or Black Ink.

Try it out for yourself and have fun transforming rooms with a few simple clicks.

* The configurator gives a visual idea of the Disc'n Dots acoustic solution. The number and arrangement of the products varies depending on the room conditions.

Want more? To gain even greater variety, Disc’n Dots can be colour matched to classic Rossoacoustic PADs or Nimbus's Lighting Pad and Lighting Pad Lounge combined light-acoustic solutions. What's more, the Dots can be custom-painted and perfectly coordinated with any interior concept.

Perfect acoustics for your room. Determine your requirements* for Disc’n Dots: To do so, enter the length and width of the room whose acoustics you wish to optimise and use the slider for adjustment.

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*The calculation is based on an averagely furnished office with average sound absorption levels and a height of 2.5 m.
Please note that the calculated values are an approximation and are no substitute for professional acoustic design.
We will be glad to support you in the acoustic optimisation of your rooms with our Rossoacoustic design service.

Couldn't be simpler. Besides boasting modular and acoustic properties, Disc’n Dots also stands out thanks to its simplicity. The uncomplicated mounting makes Disc'n Dots easy and quick to install. That saves both time and money!

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